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Martyrs whose feast is observed on 22 August. During the pontificate of Melchiades (311-13), Saint Timotheus came from Antioch to Rome, where he preached for fifteen months and lived with Sylvester, who later became pope. The prefect of the city, Tarquinus Perpenna, threw him into prison, tortured, and finally beheaded him in 311. A Christian woman named Theon buried him in her garden. This is related in the legend of Sylvester. The name of Timotheus occurs in the earliest martyrologies.

According to a legend of the early fifth century, Saint Symphorian of Autun was beheaded, while still a young man, during the reign of Marcus Aurelius. His mother, the Blessed Augusta (?), encouraged him on his way to execution, 22 August 178. Bishop Euphronius (died 490) built a handsome church over his grave, connected with a monastery, which belonged to the Congregation of Sainte-Geneviève from 1656 until its suppression in 1791. Abbot Germanus later became Bishop of Paris, where he dedicated a chapel to the saint. Saint Symphorian is the patron saint of Autun. his veneration spread at an early date through the empire of the Franks. His cult was especially popular at Tours; Saint Gregory relates a miracle wrought by the saint.

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