Catholic Encyclopedia – Saint Baltherus


Or Baldred, a holy hermit-priest of the eight century, who has been confounded with the preceding Scottish saint. According to Simeon of Durham and Hovendeus the date of his death is give as 756. Turgot of Durham is more explicit, and he tells us that Baldred, or Baltherus, the priest, died “in the seventeenth year of the episcopate of Cynulf”, that is 756, or on the 6 March 757. This Baldred is associated with the See of Lindisfarne, and was an Englishman. Numerous miracles are ascribed to him, and his feast is given as 6 March.

To add to the confusion, some writers have imagined that this Baldred is identical with Bilfritt, or Bilfrid, a hermit goldsmith, whose exquisite work may yet be seen in the British Museum on the cover of a Book of Gospels, generally known as the Gospels of Saint Cuthbert. This cover was made during the rule of Bishops Eadfrid and Ethelwold of Lindisfarne, 698 to 740. The relics of Saint Bilfrid were discovered by Aelfrid, and were placed, with those of Saint Baldred, in Saint Cuthbert’s shrine at Durham, but were subsequently transferred to the shrine of Saint Bede in 1104.

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