Cardinal Tommaso Pio Boggiani

Cardinal Tommaso Pio BoggianiProfile

Joined the Dominicans on 15 September 1879, taking the name Tommaso. Priest. Missionary to Constantinople. Prior of the Dominican convent at Ragusa, Sicily, Italy in 1891. Parish priest at Santa Maria di Castello, Genoa, Italy in 1900. Taught in the seminary of Genoa. Apostolic administrator of Adria, Italy in 1908. Bishop of Adria, Italy on 16 October 1908. Titular Archbishop of Edessa in Osrhoëne and Apostolic Delegate to México on 10 January 1912. Apostolic Administrator of Genoa, Italy on 7 March 1914. Secretary of the conclave that elected Pope Benedict XV in 1914. Created CardinalPriest of Saints Quirico e Giulitta on 4 December 1916. Archbishop of Genoa on 10 March 1919, a position he resigned in 1921. Participated in the conclave in 1922 that elected Pope Pius XI. CardinalBishop of Porto e Santa Rufina on 15 July 1929. Chancellor of the Apostolic Chancery and CardinalPriest of San Lorenzo in Damaso on 13 March 1933. Participated in the conclave of 1939 that elected Pope Pius XII.