Cardinal Gil Alvarez Carillo de Albornoz


General, statesman, archbishop of Toledo, Spain on 13 May 1338, cardinalpriest of San Clemente on 17 December 1350, and cardinalbishop of Sabina in December 1356. He accompanied King Alfonso XI in combat against the Moors. Later he was forced to flee to Avignon, France for rebuking the crimes of Pedro the Cruel. Having led an army to Italy he regained the Papal States for the pope in 1354, but refused the papal tiara after the death of Innocent VI. His famous “Egidian Constitutions” for the Papal States, published in 1357, remained in force until 1816. His will established the existing Spanish College at Bologna, Italy.


  • c.1310 in Cuenca, New Castile (in modern Spain)


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