Cardinal Franjo Kuharic

Cardinal Franjo KuharicAlso known as


Ordained a priest in the diocese of Zagreb, Croatia on 15 July 1945. Chosen auxiliary bishop of Zagreb and titular bishop of Meta on 15 February 1964. Attended session 3, from 14 September 1964 to 21 November 1964, and session 4, from 14 September 1965 to 8 December 1965, of the Second Vatican Council. Chosen archbishop of Zagreb from 16 June 1970 till his retirement on 5 July 1997 after 27 years of service. President of the Yugoslavian bishops‘ conference for three terms. Noted for his opposition to Communism, and his condemnation of religious intolerance of and violence against Serbs and Muslims, all matters of daily import in the Yugoslavia of the day. Elevated to Cardinal-Priest of San Girolamo dei Croati on 2 February 1983. His Cause for Canonization has opened.



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