Cardinal Francisco Ximenez de Cisneros

Cardinal Francisco Ximenez de CisnerosAlso known as

  • Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros


Franciscan statesman. He was educated at Salamanca and Rome. Entering the Franciscan order, he became provincial in Castile, confessor to Queen Isabella, and in 1495 Archbishop of Toledo and chancellor of Castile. Famous as a patron of learning, he founded the University of Alcala in 1504; restored the ancient Mozarabic Rite at Toledo; and undertook the publication of the first Polyglot Bible (Complutensian), the Hebrew text being revised by Alfonso de Zamora, a converted Spanish rabbi. On the death of Philip of Burgundy, he was viceroy of the kingdom as the guardian for the insane Juana, and the next year named Grand Inquisitor of Castile and Leon. In 1507 he became cardinal, and in 1509 fitted out and led Ferdinand’s expedition against the Moors in Africa and took Oran by assault. He supported the Pope against France during the Fifth Lateran Council (1512). As regent on the death of Ferdinand, he moved the seat of the government from Guadalupe to Madrid, reformed the taxation laws, and was interested in the welfare of the natives of the Spanish-American possession.



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