Cardinal Celso Benigno Luigi Costantini

Cardinal Celso Benigno Luigi CostantiniProfile

Ordained a priest in Concordia, Italy on 26 December 1899. Chosen Titular Bishop of Hierapolis in Phrygia on 22 July 1921. Appointed first Apostolic Delegate to China on 12 August 1922 by Pope Pius IX where he served for 12 years. In this office, he tried to separate Church matters from those of the Chinese state, and insisted his missionaries and priests do the same, concentrating on spreading the faith and the internal matters of the Church. Consecrated the first six Chinese bishops. Chosen Titular Archbishop of Theodosiopolis in Arcadia on 9 September 1922. Convened the first Chinese Council in Shanghai in 1924. He created the new apostolic vicariates in the country, supported the expansion of religious order, founded the Disciples of the Lord, encouraged Christian religious art in a Chinese style, and helped in the controversy among Confucian converts who wished to continue to honour their ancestors. Apostolic Administrator of Harbin, China from 28 May 1931 to 28 November 1933. Appointed Secretary of the Congregation for Propagation of the Faith from 20 December 1935 to 12 January 1953. Elevated to Cardinal and appointed CardinalPriest of Santi Nereo ed Achilleo on 12 January 1953 by Pope Pius XII. Chancellor of the Apostolic Chancery on 22 May 1954. Chosen CardinalPriest of San Lorenzo in Damaso on 9 June 1958.



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