• A practical law or rule of guidance; a standard, or criterion; a catalog or list of such rules.
  • In art, an established rule.
  • In biblical usage, the official catalog of inspired writings known as the Old and New Testament See also: Canon of the Holy Scriptures.
  • In ecclesiastical usage, a short dogmatic definition, with an anathema attached, made by a general council; a rule of the Church. See also Canon Law.
  • The fundamental part of the Mass, coming after the Offertory. See also Canon of the Mass.
  • The rules of religious orders and the books comprising these rules.
  • The catalog of canonized saints.
  • Certain ecclesiastical persons including members of a cathedral or other collegiate chapter.
  • In music, a composition consisting of the imitation or repetition of the same melody by one or more voices in turn, in such a manner as to produce harmony.
  • In printing, a size of type almost equal to four-line picar 48-point type; it is said to be so called because it was used for printing the Canon of the Mass and church books.

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