Calendar of Scottish Saints – The Nine Maidens


8th century. These were the daughters of Saint Donald.

During the lifetime of their father, these maidens lived with him in strict seclusion in the Glen of Ogilvy. Having devoted their youth to the Religious Life, they were loth to return to the world when their father’s death left them without a protector. They accordingly entered the monastery for women which Saint Darlugdach, an Irish nun and the friend of Saint Bridget (or as some say Saint Bridget herself), had founded at Abernethy. Here they spent the remainder of their lives.

There were many dedications in Scotland to these saints. The ancient church of Finhaven in Forfarshire, a chapel at Pitsligo, Aberdeenshire, called the “Chapel of the Nine Maidens,” and another, bearing a like designation, at Tough, in the same county, are some of them.

Other associations are still to be found in the many holy wells which are called after them, at Strathmartin, Glamis and Oathlaw (Forfarshire), Old Aberdeen and Pitsligo (Aberdeenshire), Newburgh (Fife) and Mid-Calder (near Edinburgh).

These saints were honoured together in Catholic ages on this day.

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