Calendar of Scottish Saints – Saint Voloc or Macwoloc, Bishop, 5th or 6th century


29 January. This saint is considered by some to have been of Irish race as his name is possibly identical with the Irish name Faelchu. He is said by the Aberdeen Breviary to have left his native land to spread the Roman Faith in Scotland, where he was raised to the episcopal rank. He voluntarily took upon himself a life of great austerity to satisfy for his own sins and those of others. His evangelical labours were devoted to the northern parts of the country chiefly. He lived in a little house woven of reeds and wattles, for his attraction was towards everything poor and humble. His simple and holy life and the miracles he worked had an immense influence in spreading the light of faith amongst the ignorant and half-barbarous people to whose welfare he had devoted himself, and many were converted to the Truth.

He is said to have died in extreme old age; angels standing round his death-bed. The old churches of Dunmeth and Logie Mar in Aberdeenshire were dedicated to this saint. The former parish is now included in that of Glass. Two miles below Beldorny in that parish are Saint Wallach’s Baths and a ruined chapel called Wallach’s Kirk, while in the neighbourhood of the latter is Saint Wallach’s Well, which up to recent times was a recognised place of pilgrim age. An annual fair was formerly held in his honour at Logie; it is commemorated in a provincial rhyme:

“Wala-fair in Logic Mar
The thirtieth day of Januar.”

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