Calendar of Scottish Saints – Saint Thenew or Thenog


A.D. 514. The history of the early life of this saint is involved in obscurity. There are various legends relating to it; but recent historians reject them as spurious. Saint Thenew was the mother of Saint Mungo or Kentigern; she is said by Jocelin in his life of Saint Mungo (written in a later age) to have been befriended by Saint Serf, and baptised by him, when she was cast ashore near his dwelling. The fact, however, is disputed by modern critics, on account of chronological difficulties.

At an early period a chapel dedicated to Saint Thenew existed in Glasgow; but at the Reformation it was destroyed. The street leading to this chapel was known for centuries as “Saint Thenew’s Gate”; it is now called Argyll Street. The chapel had been popularly styled “San Theneuke’s Kirk,” and its name still survives in the corrupted form of “Saint Enoch’s” — the modern designation of an important square in the city with its large railway station and hotel. Close by the chapel was a holy well bearing the saint’s name.

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