Calendar of Scottish Saints – Saint Marianus Scotus, Abbot


A.D. 1088. The monastery of Saint James, Ratisbon, owes its first beginnings to this saint. Most historians are now agreed in maintaining that Marianus was a native of Ireland, which for many centuries bore the designation of Scotia. The holy man with several companions entered a Benedictine monastery at Bamberg. Some time afterwards, when on a pilgrimage to Rome, they passed through Ratisbon. A holy hermit who was living there persuaded Marianus to forego his visit to Rome and take up his abode in Ratisbon. He obeyed the injunction, and founded a monastery in connection with the Church of Saint Peter, which the nuns to whom it belonged made over to him.

After the death of Marianus a larger abbey was built in honour of Saint James and Saint Gertrude which eventually became peopled by Scotsmen, and became, after the Reformation, an important seminary for the education of clergy for mission work in Scotland. This venerable abbey was appropriated by the Bavarian Government about the middle of the nineteenth century, a compensation of L10,000 being paid to the Scots College in Rome.

A valuable manuscript consisting of selections from the homilies of the Fathers of the Church, in the actual handwriting of Saint Marianus himself, was presented to the Benedictine Abbey, Fort-Augustus, by the last survivor of the community of the Scots Monastery, Ratisbon, and is one of the greatest treasures of the Fort-Augustus library.

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