Calendar of Scottish Saints – Saint Kentigerna


7 January, Recluse, A.D. 733. Like so many holy souls whose lives drew down the grace of Heaven upon the land, Saint Kentigerna was of Irish race. Her brother, Saint Comgan, succeeded their father, a prince of Leinster, in the government of his territory. Meeting with violent opposition from the neighbouring princes, on account of his just and upright Christian rule, Saint Comgan was obliged to fly the country, and together with his widowed sister, who had been married to an Irish prince, took refuge in Scotland. Saint Comgan devoted himself to monastic life, and Kentigerna retired to an island in Loch Lomond to live as an anchoress. Here in her solitary cell, on the hilly, wooded isle which is now called in memory of her Innis na Caillich (the Nun’s Island), she spent many years of the remainder of her life. The island became the seat of the old parish church of Buchanan, which was dedicated to her, and in the graveyard, which is still in use, are many tombs of the chiefs and illustrious men of the clan MacGregor. The church has been long in ruins. Saint Kentigerna died in 733. Her feast is to be found in the Aberdeen Breviary.

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