Calendar of Scottish Saints – Saint Fillan


(“The Leper”), 6th century. This saint was a native of Ireland, and is honoured in that country also on this day. Animated with the desire for solitude in a strange country, or else with missionary zeal, he passed over to Scotland and settled in the district known as Strathearn. No particulars of his life are known.

Several remains speak of devotion shown to this holy man. The village of Saint Fillans (Dundurn), in the parish of Comrie, was dedicated to him, and from him took its name; his holy well is there still. In the vicinity is a conical hill about 600 feet high, which is called Dunfillan. At the summit is a rock which goes by the name of “Saint Fillan’s Chair”; from it he is said to have blessed the country round. The old church of Aberdour, Fifeshire, now in ruins, was named after Saint Fillan. A well hard by, known as the Pilgrims Well, was renowned as late as the eighteenth century for curing diseases of the eye. It is thought to have been dedicated to the patron of the church. The hospital of Saint Martha, for the benefit of pilgrims, was founded there in 1474, and was served by Sisters of the third Order of Saint Francis from 1487 up to the Reformation.

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