Calendar of Scottish Saints – Saint Dabius or Bavins, Priest


Some historians have maintained that this saint was a native of Ireland; but the Scottish tradition affirms that he was born in Perthshire, and that he became a recluse in his native parish of Weem, where he built a small chapel.

The shelf of the great rock of Weem, upon which the chapel formerly stood, is still called “Chapel Rock.” A holy well hard by is called after the saint.

This well was once much frequented by pilgrims. It was a common opinion that Saint Dabius would grant any wish made there if an offering were thrown into the water. When the well was cleaned out some years ago a large number of coins was discovered; these were evidently offerings of the kind. There was an ancient burial ground at Weems which bore the name of the saint, and on his feast-day a fair was held annually there.

The name Kildavie (Church of Davius) which is found in the parish of Kilblane, in Bute, and also in the parish of Kilninian, in Mull, testifies to ancient churches in honour of Saint Davius in those localities. The Church of Kippen, Stirlingshire, is also dedicated to this saint, under the designation of “Movean.”

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