Calendar of Scottish Saints – Saint Buite, Monk

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A.D. 521. He was born in Ireland, and from his infancy was believed to possess miraculous powers. Early writers compare him with Venerable Bede for his virtues and mode of life. He is said to have lived many years in a monastery in Italy, and to have returned, by Divine admonition, to his native land, taking with him many copies of the Holy Scriptures together with sacred vestments and numerous holy relics. On his journey he was joined by a number of pilgrims who desired to live under his rule; accordingly he sailed with his company for North Britain, and landed in Pictish territory, where he is said to have restored the king of the country to life by his prayers. Receiving as a reward the royal fort in which the miracle had taken place, Saint Buite founded a monastery there, and remained for some time instructing the people of the country in the Faith. Eventually he returned to Ireland.

Dunnichen, in Angus, is thought to be the site of Saint Buite’s foundation. Near it are still to be seen the remains of an ancient fortress known as Carbuddo or Caer Buido (Buite’s Fort). The saint is said to have foretold the birth of Saint Columba, which occurred on the very day upon which Saint Buite himself died.

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