Calendar of Scottish Saints – Saint Blaan, Bishop

statue in the pulpit of Dunblane Cathedral, artist unknown, photographer unknownArticle

A.D. 590. He was born in Ireland of a noble family, and after spending seven years under the direction of Saint Comgall and Saint Kenneth, passed over to Bute, to Saint Cathan, his mother’s brother. He is said to have made later a pilgrimage to Rome. The monastery he founded became the site of the well-known Cathedral of Dunblane a place which derives its name from the saint where the mediaeval building begun by David I is still to be seen. Among the many miracles attributed to the saint is the restoration to life of a dead boy. He is also said to have rekindled the extinguished lamps in his church during the night office, on one occasion, by striking fire from his fingers as from a flint; the miracle being vouchsafed by God to clear the saint of any imputation of negligence in his duty.

Saint Blaan became eventually a bishop. After his death devotion to him became popular, and many dedications bear witness to his callus. There was a church of Saint Blaan in Dumfries and another at Kilblane in Argyll. The ruins of the saint’s church in the parish of Kingarth, Bute, form an object of great interest to antiquarians, and stand amid surroundings of extraordinary beauty and charm. His bell is still preserved at Dunblane. The saint’s feast was restored to the Scottish Calendar by Leo XIII in 1898.

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