Butler’s Lives of the Saints – Saints Basilides, Quirinus or Cyrinus, Nabor, and Nazarius, Martyrs


Saints Gelasius and Gregory the Great, in their Sacramentaries, the ancient Roman Calendar published by F. Fronto, and the true Martyrology of Bede, make honourable mention of these four martyrs, who suffered at Rome, and were interred on the Aurelian road. According to the acts of their martyrdom, they were four soldiers in the army of Maxentius, son of Maximian Herculius; and after suffering many torments, were beheaded by the command of Aurelius, prefect of Rome. Saint Chrodegang, bishop of Metz, in 756, having procured the relics of several martyrs from Rome, he placed those of Saint Gorgonius in the abbey of Gorze, four leagues from Metz; those of Saint Nazarius in that of Lorch or Lausheim, in the diocess of Worms; and those of Saint Nabor in that of Saint Hilary on the Moselle, since corruptly called Saint Avol’s, i. e. Saint Nabor’s in the diocess of Metz.

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