Butler’s Lives of the Saints – Saint Sequanus, or Seine, Abbot


He was born in the little town of Maymont in the extremity of Burgundy. His parents gave him an excellent education, and permitted him to embrace an ecclesiastical state, to which he was inclined from his infancy. Having received the clerical tonsure from the hands of his pastor, the sanctity of his life soon recommended him to the Bishop of Langres, who promoted him to the priesthood. The saint having suffered some persecution from persons who had envied his merit, he took occasion from thence to execute a resolution he had long before formed, of quitting the commerce of the world; and put himself under the direction of Abbot John, who governed the monastery of Reomé, in Auxois, since called Moutier Saint Jean. Here he perfected himself in the study of the holy scriptures, and in the practice of all religious virtues. After some time he built a monastery in the forest of Segestre, near the source of the river Seine, which still bears his name. The regular discipline which he established there, rendered it famous, and drew to it a number of disciples. God was pleased to honour him with the gift of miracles which added new lustre to his sanctity. He died, according to the most probable opinion, on the 19th of September, about the year 580; and his relics are kept in his monastery. He is mentioned in the Martyrologies of Ado and Usuard under the name of Saint Sigon.

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