Butler’s Lives of the Saints – Saint Peter Regalati, Confessor

Saint Peter RegalatusArticle

May 13

This saint was descended of a noble family, and having lost his father in his infancy, in the thirteenth year of his age, he extorted with great difficulty his mother’s consent to enter himself in the Franciscan friars at Valladolid, of which city he was a native. By his extraordinary fervour he was distinguished among his brethren. When F. Peter Villacretios, who had established a rigorous reformation of his Order of Aquileria, in the diocese of Osma, founded a second retired convent more like a prison than a house, at Tribulos on the Deuro, near Aquileria, our saint, at his earnest request, was admitted one of this colony. By the austerity of his penance, his assiduity in contemplation, and the sublime gift of prayer with which he was endowed, he seems to have equalled the most eminent saints of his Order. The sufferings of our divine Redeemer were the principal entertainment of his soul, and he lived in a constant union with God. Upon the death of F. Villacretios he succeeded him in the government of his reformed congregation, and died at Aquileria on the 30th of March, in the sixty-sixth year of his age, of our Lord 1456. He was canonized by Benedict XIV in 1746, and his name is placed in the Roman Martyrology on the 13th of May, the day of the translation of his relics. On his extraordinary raptures, miracles, and heroic virtues, see the process and bull of his canonization.

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