Butler’s Lives of the Saints – Saint Marnan, Bishop and Confessor


To his holy prayers Aidan, king of the Scots, ascribed a wonderful victory which he gained over Ethelfrid, the pagan king of the Northumbrian English; and by his councils Eugenius IV. who succeeded his father Aidan in the kingdom soon after this battle, treated all the prisoners with the utmost humanity and generosity, by which they were gained to the Christian faith. The Northumbrian princes, Oswald and Oswi, were instructed in our holy religion, and grounded in its spirit by Saint Marnan, who died in Annandale, in the year 620. His head was kept with singular devotion at Moravia, and was carried in processions attended by the whole clan of the Innis’s, which from the earliest times was much devoted to this saint. See the Breviary of Aberdeen in Aidano et Eugenio Regibus, and MS. Memoirs in the Scottish college at Paris. Saint Marnan is titular saint of the church of Aberkerdure upon the river Duvern, formerly much frequented out of devotion to his relics kept there.

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