Butler’s Lives of the Saints – Saint Lo, or Laudus, Bishop of Coutances in Normandy


He was descended from a noble family in the same diocess of which he became afterwards bishop, and was consecrated by Saint Gildard or Godard, archbishop of Rouen and metropolitan of Neustria, about the year 528. A little after his consecration, he applied to Saint Melanius of Rennes for instructions to advance the glory of God. He was present at the second, third, and fifth councils of Orleans, and by proxy at the fourth council of the same city. It was he who performed the funeral ceremony of Saint Paternus or Pair, bishop of Avranches. It is said, that succeeding to the family estate, he enriched his diocess and endowed it with the lands of Briovere, (now Saint Lo,) Courci, Trielli, etc. It is also asserted that the castle of Briovere was his family seat, and that for this reason in the fifth council of Orleans he signs himself not Lo of Coutances, but Lo of Briovere. The holy bishop governed his diocess with equal zeal and virtue till the year 568, when he went to receive the reward of his labours in heaven. Romachaire, one of his priests, succeeded him. He was an Englishman born, and for piety and learning esteemed one of the first men of his age. The incursions of the Normans caused the relics of Saint Lo to be translated to Thouars in Poitou, in the ninth century. His feast, which is celebrated this day at Coutances, is of the first class, with an octave. It is inserted in the Roman Martyrology on the 22nd of September. There is a town in Normandy which bears the saint’s name, and a parochial church at Rouen dedicated under his invocation.

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