Butler’s Lives of the Saints – Saint Laserian, Called Molaisre, Bishop of Leighlin, in Ireland


Laserian was son of Cairel and Blitha, persons of great distinction, who intrusted his education, from his infancy, to the Abbot Saint Murin. He afterwards travelled to Rome in the days of Pope Gregory the Great, by whom he is said to have been ordained priest. Soon after his return to Ireland, he visited Leighlin, a place situated a mile and a half westward of the river Barrow, where Saint Goban was then abbot, who, resigning to him his abbacy, built a little cell for himself and a small number of monks. A great synod being soon after assembled there, in the White Fields, Saint Laserian strenuously maintained the Catholic time of celebrating Easter against Saint Munnu. This council was held in March 630. But Saint Laserian not being able to satisfy in it all his opponents, took another journey to Rome, where Pope Honorius ordained him bishop, without allotting him any particular see, and made him his legate in Ireland. Nor was his commission fruitless: for, after his return, the time of observing Easter was reformed in the south parts of Ireland. Saint Laserian died on the 18th of April, 638, and was buried in his own church which he had founded. In a synod held at Dublin, in 1330, the feasts of Saint Patrick, Saint Laserian, Saint Bridget, Saint Canic, and Saint Edan, are enumerated among the double festivals through the province of Dublin. Saint Laserian was the first bishop of Old Leighlin, now a village. New Leighlin stands on the eastern bank of the river Barrow.

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