Butler’s Lives of the Saints – Saint Eadburge, Abbess of Menstrey in the Isle of Thanet

statue of Saint Edburga on the church of Stanton Harcourt, England, which houses a 12th century shrine to Edburga; photographed by Father Lawrence Lew, OP; swiped off his flickr page, and used with permissionArticle

She built there a new church in honour of Saints Peter and Paul, into which she caused the body of Saint Mildrede, her immediate predecessor, to be translated. Her death happened about the year 751, according to Thorne, quoted in the Monasticon. Saint Eadburge seems to be the abbess of that name to whom Saint Boniface sometimes wrote. Capgrave confounds her with Saint Ethelburge (daughter of Ethelbert, king of Kent), who, after the death of King Edwin, her husband, consecrated herself to God, and died abbess of Lyming, in Kent, towards the close of the seventh century. The relics of Saint Eadburge were translated to Canterbury, in 1055, and there deposited in Saint Gregory’s church. Saint Mildrede is honoured on the 20th of February.

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