Butler’s Lives of the Saints – Saint Coemgen, or Keivin, Bishop and Confessor in Ireland

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He was born of parents of the first rank in Ireland, in 498. He was baptized by Saint Cronan, a holy priest, and at seven years of age was put under the tuition of Saint Petrocus, a Briton, who spent twenty years in Ireland, to improve himself in virtue and sacred learning. After five years spent with him, by his advice he was placed, in 510, under the care of three holy anchorets, Dogain, Lochan, and Enna, or ├ćneas, in the same cell. Three years he employed with them in the study of the holy scriptures, before he took the monastic habit. Some time after, he founded a great monastery in the lower part of the valley called Glean-da-loch, situated in the east of Leinster, in the territory of Forthuatha. The reputation of Saint Keivin and his monastery, drew hither such a conflux of people, that it soon grew up into a famous and holy city. The founder being raised to the episcopal dignity, erected a cathedral church under the invocation of Saints Peter and Paul, near the church of his abbey. In 549, Saint Keivin took a journey to Clonmacnois, to pay a visit to Saint Kiaran; but found him dead three days before his arrival, and assisted at his funeral obsequies. Saint Keivin lived to a great age, and having some time before resigned the episcopal charge to confine himself to his abbacy, died on the 3d of June in the year 618, of his age one hundred and twenty. He is patron of Glendaloch, where his festival is celebrated on the 3d of June, on which day, numbers of people resort to the Seven Churches. There is also a parish church in the suburbs of Dublin dedicated to this saint.

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