Butler’s Lives of the Saints – Saint Alexander, Pope and Martyr

statue of Pope Saint Alexander I, 1864 by E Amadori; Porta Pia, Rome, Italy; photographed on 14 January 2015 by Livioandronico2013; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

He succeeded Saint Evaristus in 109, and held the holy see ten years, but not complete. He died in 119, and is ranked among the martyrs in the canon of the mass. Notwithstanding the silence of Saint Irenæus, we also find him styled a martyr in the Sacramentary of Saint Gregory the Great, in the ancient Calendar of Fronto, and unanimously in other martyrologies which join with him two companions, Eventius and Theodulus, who suffered with him, or at least about the same time of his happy death. The bodies of Saints Alexander, Eventius, and Theodulus, were interred on the Nomentan road, but were translated into the church of Saint Sabina, which now belongs to a great convent of Dominican friars. Saint Juvenal, the first bishop of Narni, in Umbria, who died in peace about the year 367, is commemorated in the Roman Breviary on the same day. He is styled a martyr by Saint Gregory the Great.

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