Brother Mary Joseph de Geronimo


At the Noviceship, Temporal Coadjutor, who from humility chose this state, though nothing was wanting to admit of his being raised to the Priesthood. In his novitiate he showed the finished virtues of an advanced Religious, so much so that scarcely were the two years of his novitiate ended, than he was appointed Socius to the Master of Novices, so great were the piety, modesty, and prudence, which were happily united in him. In this office he continued for forty years, assisting not only the Novices, but the Master of them by his advice. He was most fervent in prayer and in practices of charity and mortification. For many years he never slept on a bed, ate no fruit, and never laid aside his hairshirt. He was constant in his long continued disciplines, watchings, and other penances. But his virtue shone most conspicuously in his self-restraint and self-command. He showed no resentment when wronged, nor made excuse when blamed, nor resisted those who opposed him. In the midst of his varied duties he was always self-possessed, and showed the constant serenity of his mind by his cheerful countenance. He was always the same, without change, without disturbance; always occupied, and ready for labour without weariness or depression; mindful of the wants of others and regardless of his own. In his last sickness nothing grieved him more than that his pains should be alleviated at the expense of the labours of others, desiring rather that their pains, and more, should be added to his own. He foretold the day and hour of his death, which took place in the year 1713, in the fifty-eighth year of his age, and the forty-second from his entrance into the Society. His death was revealed at the moment it took place to Saint Francis de Geronimo, his brother in the flesh and still more in the spirit, though he was far distant from him.


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