Breviary Hymns and Missal Sequences, The Seven Founders, Lauds

Under the Mother’s fostering care,
Benignly given from the sky,
The Seven are born, and, called by her,
Haste to Senario’s summits high.

The lovely fruits the earth shall bear,
Put forth by that fair progeny,
That vine, which bears a sudden load
Of luscious grapes, will make us see.

For noble virtue here renowned,
A holy death fits them for Heaven;
And, to the Virgin’s servants true,
A place in Paradise is given.

O blessed band who reign with God,
Look down with pity upon those,
Whom, while you leave them here below,
The devil’s wily snares enclose.

O then, we pray you, by the wounds
Of your kind Blessed Mother’s heart,
Dispel the darkness of our minds,
Make passion from our souls depart.

And Thou, O Sovereign Trinity,
Into our hearts Thy strength infuse,
And lives, such as our Blessed led,
To lead like them, O make us choose. Amen.

– translated by Archbishop Edward Gilpin Bagshawe, C.O., Bishop of Nottingham, England