Breviary Hymns and Missal Sequences, The Precious Blood, Vespers

Let the streets with loud hymns of rejoicing resound,
Let the people their joy in their faces display,
Let the young and the old, in procession arrayed,
And carrying torches, go forth on their way.

While we worship the Blood, which the Christ, on the Tree,
Poured forth from the wounds, which His Body had rent,
It behooves us, indeed, both to call it to mind,
And His shedding of Blood with hot tears to lament.

By the crime of the first Adam, ruin most grave
Came down as a curse on the whole human race;
Of the Second the justice and holiness pure
The true life in man’s spirit availed to replace.

The Father in Heaven was willing to hear
The loud cry of His Son, in the midst of His pain;
He will listen yet more to His shedding of Blood,
And, His anger appeased, will receive us again.

For, if anyone washes his robes in this Blood,
He will cleanse all his stains, and receive in their stead,
A roseate hue, such as angels possess,
Which will make him agreeable, like them, to their Head.

Then let no one in weakness withdraw from the course,
But henceforward courageously strive to the end,
For a noble reward the good God will bestow
Who, to help us in running, His graces doth send.

Then, O Father Almighty, be merciful now,
That, since Thou to us all full redemption hast given,
By Thy only Son’s Blood, and new life by His Spirit,
Thou may’st now in Thy mercy conduct us to Heaven. Amen.

– translated by Archbishop Edward Gilpin Bagshawe, C.O., Bishop of Nottingham, England