Breviary Hymns and Missal Sequences, The Passion, Matins

Behold, on the Cross of shame, streaming with blood,
There hangs God Himself, by His Father’s
Behold how the cruel nails terrible points,
Pierce right through His Hands.

As though He were guilty of horrible crime,
‘Tween two guilty thieves they assign Him a place;
See such was the horrible malice of men,
Men of His own race!

His Countenance pales, and His poor weary Head
Bows down, and His Eyes He now closes in
He gives up His Soul, merit-laden, to God,
And yields His last breath.

O heart, thou art harder than iron, unless
Thou deplorest thy guilt, and of grace the sad loss;
Thy sins brought the Lord Jesus Christ to His death,
Nailed fast to the Cross.

Be glory Eternal for ever to God,
Our race’s Redeemer, so kind and so good,
For He from poor sinners the stain of their sins
Hath cleansed with His Blood. Amen.