Breviary Hymns and Missal Sequences, Te Deum

cover to the ebook 'Breviary Hymns and Missal Sequences', translated by Archbishop Edward Gilpin BagshaweO God, we praise Thee as true God,
  And we confess Thee Lord;
Thee, the Eternal Father, who
  Art everywhere adored:
All Angels, Cherubs, Heavenly Powers,
  And Seraphim, proclaim,
With ceaseless canticles of praise,
  Thy ever-glorious Name.
O Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord,
  And God of Hosts, they cry;
The glory of Thy Majesty
  Fills earth and Heaven high.
The glorious Apostles Choir,
  The numerous Prophets too,
And white-robed Martyrs armies, all
  Declare Thy praises due.
Throughout the universal world,
  The Holy Church doth sing
Thy Holy Name, and doth confess
  Thee for her Lord and King:
Father of Majesty immense,
  Thy true and Only Son
Ever revered, and Holy Ghost,
  Thrice Blessed Three in One.
Christ Jesus, Thou of glory art
  The rightful King and Lord;
And Thou art of the Father born,
  Eternal Son and Word.
Thou, when on earth, to save mankind,
  Man’s nature Thou wouldst take,
Thy dwelling in the Virgin’s womb
  Didst not disdain to make.
When Thou the cruel darts of death
  Hadst bravely overcome,
Thou Heaven to believers all
  Didst open for their home.
Thou, seated at Thy Father’s right,
  In glory e’er dost reign,
We all believe that, as our Judge,
  Thou art to come again;
We pray Thee, then, Thy servants help,
  Whom, on Thy Holy Rood,
Thou deignedst to redeem and save,
  With Thy most Precious Blood:
And grant to them the precious grace,
  That they may numbered be,
In glory, with Thy Saints above,
  Through all Eternity.
Ah! save Thy people, dearest Lord,
  And make them ever live,
And ever to Thy heritage
  Thy special Blessing give.
Vouchsafe to rule and govern them
  Thyself Eternally,
And to exalt them, and to raise
  Them up on high to Thee.
Each coming day, O Lord, to Thee
  We hymns of blessing raise,
And praise and glorify Thy Name,
  Through everlasting days.
To keep ourselves from sin this day
  The grace on us bestow,
And always, dearest Lord, to us
  Thy loving mercy show.
Show mercy to us, Lord, as we
  Have put our trust in Thee,
I’ve hoped in Thee, O Lord, then let
  Me ne’er confounded be. Amen.

– translated by Archbishop Edward Gilpin Bagshawe, C.O., Bishop of Nottingham, England