Breviary Hymns and Missal Sequences, Pentecost, Lauds

detail of a stained glass window depicting the descent of the fire to the apostles at Pentecost; mid-19th century, possibly by Mayer of Munich, Germany; Cologne Cathedral, Bavaria, Germany; photographed on 1 May 2006 by Raimond Spekking; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsThe circling year brings back to us
Those blessed joys which once befell,
When the Most Holy Paraclete
In the Apostles came to dwell.

Taking the form of numerous tongues,
The fire came down with sparkling light,
That eloquence might shape their words,
Their hearts with charity burn bright.

They speak in everybody’s tongue,
The Gentile crowds are sore amazed;
Those whom the Holy Ghost had filled,
They think with earthly liquor dazed.

With mystic sense these things were done,
For Paschal time was ended now,
And after it the holy laws
Remission of all debts allow.

We pray Thee, O most Gracious Lord,
With suppliant faces bending low,
On us the Holy Spirit’s gifts,
From Heaven falling, now bestow.

Once Thou those sacred breasts didst fill,
With Heavenly grace, abundantly.
Forgive us now our dreadful sin,
And let our days in quiet be.

Be God the Father glorified,
And He, who rose from death, His Son,
And the Great Spirit Paraclete,
While never-ending ages run. Amen.

– translated by Archbishop Edward Gilpin Bagshawe, C.O., Bishop of Nottingham, England