Breviary Hymns and Missal Sequences, Feast of the Seven Dolours, Lent, Vespers, Matins, Lauds

The Mother in deep sorrow stood,
With tearful eyes, beneath the Rood,
While hanging on it was her Son;
With moans of anguish did she mourn,
Afflicted, grieving, and forlorn,
And through her soul the sword did run.

With sorrow, nothing could relieve,
Did that most blessed Mother grieve,
Of Him, God’s sole Begotten One;
She moaned and trembled, full of awe,
Dear loving Mother, while she saw
The sufferings of her noble Son.

Who then is he that would not weep,
To see Christ’s Mother plunged deep
In such abyss of suffering?
Who would not be with grief oppressed,
To contemplate Christ’s Mother blessed,
With her dear Son thus sorrowing?

Twas for the sins of His own race,
She saw her Jesus torments face,
And subjected to scourgings dire,
She saw her sweet beloved Son,
Dying, abandoned and alone,
And thus upon the Cross expire.

Ah, dearest Mother, fount of love,
Fill me with sorrow from above,
And make me always mourn with thee;
To Christ, my God, vouchsafe to turn
My heart, that it with love may burn,
That I may pleasing to Him be.

This, holy Mother, deign to grant,
Deep in my inmost being plant
The wounds of Jesus Crucified;
The sufferings of thy wounded Child,
Which, with such mercy, meek and mild,
He bore for me, with me divide.

Let loving tears bedew mine eyes,
And let me through life sympathize
With Him, who on the Cross expires;
To stand beside the Cross with thee,
And in thy grief a sharer be,
Is the one end of my desires.

O Virgin, of all virgins chief,
Let me weep with thee in thy grief,
O deign to listen to my prayer;
On me, O make Christ’s death to fall,
Make me His sufferings recall,
And in His Passion make me share.

Then, wounded with His wounds, make me
Inebriate with the Cross to be,
And with the Blood Thy Son did shed;
That in the flames I may not burn,
To thee, O Virgin, do I turn,
In that last day of Judgment dread.

Christ, when this world I leave for Home,
Oh, by Thy Mother, bid me come,
A victor’s palm to bear in Heaven;
And, when my body has to die,
Let glorious Paradise on high,
Then to my happy soul be given. Amen.

– translated by Archbishop Edward Gilpin Bagshawe, C.O., Bishop of Nottingham, England