Breviary Hymns and Missal Sequences, Dies Irae

cover to the ebook 'Breviary Hymns and Missal Sequences', translated by Archbishop Edward Gilpin BagshaweThe day of wrath, that awful day,
Shall all the world in ashes lay,
David and Sybils prophesy;
And oh! what trembling will there be,
When the Judge comes in Majesty,
To try the world unsparingly.

The Trumpet sends its wondrous sound,
Through all the tombs beneath the ground,
And brings all to the Judgment Seat;
Nature and Death shall stand amazed,
When they behold the Creature raised,
The Judge’s questioning to meet.

Now shall the written Book appear,
In which all actions are made clear,
That to this Judgment are assigned;
The Judge His Judgment Seat shall take,
All hidden things shall public make,
Nothing impunity shall find.

Unhappy me, what shall I say,
And to what patron shall I pray,
When e’en the just might quake with dread?
O King of fearful Majesty,
Thou savest freely, O save me,
Thou art sweet pity’s Fountain Head.

For love of me, sweet Jesus kind,
Thou cam st on earth; call this to mind,
And save me in that day of pain;
Thou soughtest me with weary care,
To save me Thou the Cross didst bear;
Let not such labour be in vain.

Thou, who dost righteous vengeance take,
A grant of free forgiveness make,
Before the accounting day arrives:
With blushes deep, and heartfelt moan,
O God, oppressed with guilt, I groan,
Spare one, who for Thy pardon strives.

Who Mary didst absolve from sin,
From whom the Thief did pardon win,
Thou givest hope to me in turn;
Good Jesus, worthless is my prayer,
Yet deign to grant, that I may ne’er
In hell’s avenging fire burn.

Give me a place among Thy sheep,
Far from the goats O let me keep,
And station me on Thy right hand;
When the accursed confess their shames,
And are condemned to biting flames,
Among the Blessed bid me stand.

Prostrate before Thy Feet I fall,
On Thee with contrite heart I call,
Of my last end O take the care:
Tearful will be that day of woe,
When, from his ashes rising now,
Frail man to Judgment must repair;
Spare him, O God, in mercy spare!
Jesus, Love reigns within Thy breast,
Grant to the dead Eternal rest. Amen.

– translated by Archbishop Edward Gilpin Bagshawe, C.O., Bishop of Nottingham, England