Breviary Hymns and Missal Sequences, Corpus Christi, Vespers

Pictorial Lives of the Saints: Corpus ChristiThat glorious Body’s mystery,
With praise, my soul, exalt and sing,
And also that most Precious Blood,
Which, for the world, by its great King,
The offspring of a noble womb,
Was shed as ransom offering.

He was to us from Heaven given,
Born of a pure and holy Maid,
He preached the Word, and sowed the seed,
While in this world below He stayed,
Then of His sojourn with mankind,
An end in wondrous order made.

For, on that night, at that last meal,
Reclining with His chosen band,
When eaten was the legal food,
Pursuant to the Law’s command,
Himself to the assembled twelve,
He gives as Food with His own Hand.

The Word made Flesh makes very Bread
Become true Flesh, by His one Word,
And wine is made the Blood of Christ,
And, if weak sense is not assured,
True faith, unto the heart sincere,
Most firm assurance can afford.

O then so great a Sacrament
Let us on bended knee adore,
And now, possessing this new rite,
Pass on from what has gone before;
Let faith supply defects of sense,
Assuring us yet more and more.

To the Begetter and Begotten,
Let us exulting sing our praise,
Exalt their glory, honour, might,
And hymns of blessing ever raise;
To Him, who from them Both proceeds,
Like praises be, through endless days. Amen.