Breviary Hymns and Missal Sequences, Common of Apostles, Matins

The glory of the Apostles Choir,
The eternal gifts of Christ their King,
The psalms and praises due to them,
With gladsome hearts O let us sing.

They of the Churches Princes are,
By whom God’s Standard was unfurled,
Brave soldiers of the Heavenly Court,
And the true lights which light the world.

The faith devoted of God’s saints,
The unconquered hope believers bring,
The perfect charity of Christ,
Crush off this world the tyrant King.

In these the Father’s glory dwells,
In these the Son His triumph finds,
In these the Spirit’s love abides,
And joy in Heaven fills all minds.

To Father and to Son alike,
And to Thee, Holy Spirit, too,
As has been, so for evermore,
Be glory all the ages through. Amen.

– translated by Archbishop Edward Gilpin Bagshawe, C.O., Bishop of Nottingham, England