Breviary Hymns and Missal Sequences, Christmas, Lauds

ChristmasUnto the furthest bounds of earth,
E’en from the rising of the morn,
The Christ, our Prince, O let us sing,
Of Mary ever Virgin born.

So did the world’s Creator blest
To bear a servile Body choose,
That, by His Flesh, He flesh might free,
And thus His creatures might not lose.

Then into His chaste Mother’s breast,
There entereth a Heavenly grace,
And Holy Fruit, before unknown,
In a pure Maiden’s womb finds place.

The house of her most holy breast
God’s Temple now is forthwith made;
And she, who knew not man, conceived
Her only Son without man’s aid.

She beareth, when her time has come,
Him, whom Saint Gabriel had foretold,
Whom, leaping in his mother’s womb,
Saint John in spirit did behold.

He deigned on humble straw to lie,
The manger He did not refuse,
Upon a little milk He fed,
Whose gifts all, e’en the birds, must use

The Choir of saints is filled with joy,
Angels to God their praises sing,
And of the Shepherd, Lord of all,
To holy shepherds tidings bring.

Jesus, to Thee be glory given,
Whom erst the Virgin Mother bore,
With Father and with Holy Ghost,
Through endless ages evermore. Amen.

– translated by Archbishop Edward Gilpin Bagshawe, C.O., Bishop of Nottingham, England