Book of Zacharias


A prophetic book containing, relatively to its contents the greatest number of predictions regarding Christ. The first part (chapters 1-6) is to encourage the temple-builders. Three visions concern the foundation of the Messianic kingdom. The fourth offers the promise of “my servant, the Orient,” who is also the subject of the symbolic crowning of Josue. The fourth to sixth visions are concerned with Christ, the Priest and King. An address (chapters 7, 8) stresses the keeping of the commandments; the Messianic promises should be an incentive. The remainder consists of two burdens: one (chapter 9) over Syria, Phenicia, and Philistia, contains the prophecy of Palm Sunday and the purchase of Haceldama for the treason-money of Judas; the second (chapter 12) is a burden on Israel. The authenticity of the burdens has been attacked by critics, but their reasons are insufficient as they are mostly from differences of style, and supposed differences of material. The author calls himself, “son of Barachias, son of Addo,” and dates his prophecies in the 2nd and 4th years of Darius, beginning two months later than Aggeus. Addo, his grandfather, returned from captivity with Zorobabel. The prophet was likewise a priest (Nehemiah 12). The Septuagint attributes to him Psalms 95-9S. He is very likely not the prophet “slain between the temple and the altar”. (Matthew 23)

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