Book of Saints – Vitus, Modestus and Crescentia

statue of Saint Vitus being boiled in oil, in front of the church of Iffeldorf; swiped from the flickr account of oefeArticle

(June 15) (Saints) Martyrs (4th century) Saint Vitus (Guy), a child with his nurse Crescentia, and her husband Modestus, by whom he had been instructed in the Christian Faith, was driven from his home by his inhuman parents and forced to fly from Sicily to Italy, faithfully conducted by his nurse and her husband. In Italy the three Saints suffered martyrdom together under Diocletian, about A.D. 302. Saint Vitus, for some unknown reason, having come to be regarded as a Saint to invoke in cases of epilepsy, a form of that disease has received the name of Saint Vitus’s Dance.

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