Book of Saints – Trophimus

Saint Trophimus of ArlesArticle

(Saint) Bishop (December 29) (1st century) The Ephesian Christian of that name, several times mentioned in the New Testament (Acts 20:4; 21:29; 2 Timothy 4:20). He is said to have been consecrated a Bishop by Saint Paul and sent as a missionary into Gaul, where he founded the See of Arles. That the Saint Trophimus, first Bishop of Arles, who spread Christianity in the South-East of Gaul is only a namesake of the disciple of Saint Paul, and that he lived two centuries later, is a view upheld by not a few moderns. Nevertheless, the tradition as above stated dates from the earliest times, and contains nothing that can be called improbable. Saint Paul had made up his mind to go himself to Spain (Romans 15:24,28). It is scarcely likely that the South of Gaul (with which communications were of the easiest) would be neglected; and the choosing of his trusted confidant, Trophimus, for the work to be done seems natural enough.

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