Book of Saints – Thyrsus and Projectus

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(Saints) Martyrs (January 24) (Date unknown) Who these Martyrs were is now quite undiscoverable. There is a theory that the one and the other are identical with other Saints of these names elsewhere inserted in the Roman Martyrology, and that the double insertion was purposely made for some reason unknown to us. However, there would be nothing surprising in the fact, if it could be shown that these Christians were two among the victims of one of the persecutions, and that their bare names were all that the Church Officials could ever ascertain. For example, in such fearful periods of persecution as the opening years of the fourth century, when the mere being a Christian was a capital offence and the possessing a Christian manuscript an act of treason, the registering of the Passions of Martyrs must have been reduced to the taking of the barest memoranda. It is, indeed, wonderful that so many names have come down to our time.

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