Book of Saints – Seven Brothers

the painting 'The Martyrdom of Saint Felicity and Her Seven Sons'; Francesco Coghetti, 19th century; parish church in Ranica, Bergamo, Italy; photographed on 15 December 2007 by Ago76; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

(Saints) Martyrs (July 10) (2nd century) The seven sons of Saint Felicitas the Martyr. The names registered are Januarius, Felix and Philip, scourged to death; Sylvanus, thrown headlong over a precipice; Alexander, Vitalis and Martial, beheaded. Their mother was also beheaded four months later. These Martyrs appear to have suffered under the Emperor Antoninus Pius (A.D. 150) though some scholars insist upon a later date, under Marcus Aurelius. Their death seems to have been rather instigated by the heathen priests than to have been an incident in a general persecution of Christians. They are amongst the most famous of Roman Martyrs.

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