Book of Saints – Quirinus – 4 June

detail of Saint Quirinus of Sescia, from 'The Austrian Saints' by Albrecht Durer, 1515-17, woodcut, British Museum, LondonArticle

(Saint) Bishop, Martyr (June 4) (4th century) An Ulyrian who became Bishop of a town in Hungary now called Seseg. He died for the Faith after enduring many tortures, in one of the last years of the persecution under Diocletian (A.D. 310 about). When many years later the inhabitants of Seseg had to forsake their homes, on account of the invasion of the Barbarians, and came as refugees in considerable numbers to Rome, they brought with them the Relics of their BishopMartyr, Saint Quirinus. The Relics are still enshrined in one of the Roman churches.

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