Book of Saints – Photinus, Sanctius, Vetius, Epagathus, Maturus, Ponticus, Biblides, Attalus, Blandina and Others

Pictorial Lives of the Saints illustration of the Martyrs of Lyon and VienneArticle

(Saints) Martyrs (June 2) (2nd century) These are the famous Martyrs of Lyons, of which city Photinus or Pothinus was Bishop. At the time of his martyrdom the venerable Prelate was ninety years of age. They suffered under the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, the Philosopher (A.D. 177). The details are given in the authentic letter addressed on the occasion by the Churches of Gaul to those of Asia. This letter, which is extant, was probably composed by Saint Irenaeus. The Christians were at first set upon by the Pagan mob; but afterwards they were tried and condemned, because of their religion, by the regular tribunals. The aged Bishop Pothinus expired in his dungeon from the ill-usage he had received. The others were thrown, as part of the spectacle, to the wild beasts in the Amphitheatre at the Public Games. The poor slave, Blandina, enmeshed in a net and tossed by a wild bull, and the boy, Ponticus, who was one of the last to suffer, have ever excited special sympathy. The whole description is most lifelike; and a particular touch of reality is felt in the paragraph in which the Christians deplore the falling away of some of their number, and tell how they tremble at the thought of what may be in store for themselves.

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