Book of Saints – Philip, Severus, Eusebius and Hermes

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(Saints) Martyrs (October 22) (4th century) Saint Philip was Bishop of Heraclea near Constantinople. Saint Severus was his deacon; Saints Eusebius and Hermes, two of the inferior clergy. During the persecution under Diocletian they were all arrested and brought to trial. It was insistently demanded of them that they should deliver up the Sacred Books of the Church to be burned. On their refusal and steadfastness in confessing Christ, they were taken to Adrianople, and there, after torture, burned at the stake (A.D. 304). We have a copy of the legal process instituted against them, a source of information always reliable for details. By an oversight, the recent editions of the Roman Martyrology register these Martyrs as having suffered under Julian, thus post-dating their martyrdom by some sixty years.

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