Book of Saints – Miltiades

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(Melchiades) (Saint) (December 10) Pope, Martyr (4th century) The successor of Saint Eusebius in the Chair of Saint Peter (A.D. 311). He is honoured as a Martyr on account of his sufferings in early life, in the time of Diocletian. His Pontificate was short. He witnessed the triumph of Constantine over the usurper Maxentius (A.D. 312), and straightway set himself to the task of reorganising the government of the Church, laid desolate in the long years of persecution then happily at an end. He presided over the Council of Bishops from Italy and Gaul, which decided in favour of Cecilian, Bishop of Carthage, against Donatus. This decision, however, did not hinder the later development of the Donatist heresy or schism in Africa. Saint Augustine describes Saint Miltiades as “an excellent man, a true son of peace and a true father of Christians.” Saint Miltiades died January 10, A.D. 314.

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