Book of Saints – Mary, The Blessed Virgin, Mother of God

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(August 15) (1st century) The Virgin Mother of God is venerated with special worship by the Catholic Church as the highest of God’s creatures, as the woman who was to crush the head of the old serpent (Genesis 2:15), and as the Queen of All Saints. It is a dogma of Faith that she was conceived free from the taint of original sin, through the grace to be merited for her by her future Son and Saviour. In early ages many legends were current concerning her birth and childhood. The Church accepts the tradition that her parents were two Saints, Joachim and Anne, and that, when very young, she was presented to God in the Temple of Jerusalem, where she passed several years in its service, and whence in line she was taken to be espoused to Joseph, the carpenter of Nazareth. The Gospels relate the events of her sinless life connected with the Incarnation, Birth and early years of Her Divine Son; and they commemorate her faithfulness to Him in the hour of His Passion and Death. Dying, He commended her to the care of John, His Beloved disciple. The number of years she survived is not known. They were probably passed in Jerusalem or in its neighbourhood. A Greek belief also claims for Ephesus the honour of a prolonged sojourn of Our Blessed Lady within its walls. The Assumption (August 15) is the Festival instituted by Holy Church to celebrate Mary’s passing from this world to be enthroned next to Her Divine Son in Heaven; and Catholics hold that among the privileges vouchsafed her was that of the raising of her body to life eternal at the time of the entry of her pure soul into God’s everlasting Kingdom. Besides the Assumption, other Feasts are kept annually in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Chief among them are: Her Immaculate Conception (December 8); Her Nativity (September 8) Her Presentation in the Temple (November 21); The Annunciation (March 25); The Visitation (July 2); The Purification (February 2); and Her Seven Sorrows (September 15). But invocation of Mary pervades all Catholic devotion, public and private, and there is no Christian worthy of the name but constantly implores her help and prayers.

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