Book of Saints – Martyrs of Saragossa – 3 November

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(Saints) (November 3) (4th century) Christians of Saragossa, other than the Martyrs commemorated on April 26, done to death in the same year (A.D. 304), in the last great persecution, that of Diocletian and his colleagues. The pitiless Datian (or Dacian), the Official charged with the enforcing in Spain of the Imperial edicts, had his residence in Saragossa. The number of his victims in that city and its neighbourhood is incredible. Neither age nor sex were respected. All alike were savagely tortured, and in various fashions made away with. The bones of Christians, heaped together and bleached in the sun, formed for long afterwards a little white hillock. Hence the name, by which the Saragossa Martyrs of A.D. 304 were known (like others in Africa) of the “Massa Candida (White Mass).”

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