Book of Saints – Martyrs of England


MARTYRS OF ENGLAND (Blessed) (May 4) (16th century) By these are meant not all who in various ages have laid down their lives for Christ in England, but only the holy men and women put to death for professing the Catholic Religion, the Faith of their Fathers, in the persecution consequent on the so-called Reformation between the years 1535 and 1681. They are about six hundred in number. Of these, fifty-four were beatified by Pope Leo XIII on December 9, 1886, and nine others on May 15, 1895. It is a festival in their honour which is in England kept annually on May 4, and a brief notice of each one will be found in the present volume. Prominent among them are Blessed John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester, Blessed Thomas More, the Martyrs of the London Charterhouse, etc. The cases of 253 others of these Servants of God are now being officially enquired into in Rome, and pending the investigation they are styled “Venerable,” a prima facie case having been already made out. It is proved that they all suffered death at the hands of the public executioner, after having been in the majority of cases put to the torture. But in not a few instances, proofs have still to be brought that they suffered on account of their religion, and not merely on charges, true or false, of treason or other crimes. There still remain 284 sufferers of whose claim to be regarded as Martyrs the Church has not as yet taken cognisance.

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