Book of Saints – Martinian, Saturianus and Others


(Saints) Martyrs (October 16) (5th century) African Christians, victims of the persecuting fury of the Arian Genseric, King of the Vandals. Like others, they had been reduced to slavery by the Barbarians, who overran the Roman Province of Africa. This misfortune, however, had led to many conversions to Christianity, mainly through the zeal of a slave woman, by name Maxima. Besides Martinian and Saturianus, there were other two, their own brothers, slaves like themselves, converted with them to Catholic Christianity. They did their best to get other converts, and so drew down upon themselves the wrath of the pitiless Genseric. They were done to death by being fastened by ropes behind a chariot and dragged along till they expired from bruises and exhaustion. A.D. 450 or thereabouts is suggested as the date of their martyrdom. On this same day (October 16) the Roman Martyrology commemorates two other groups of African Christians, one in number two hundred and seventy, the other three hundred and sixty-seven—victims of the same persecution; but records are scanty, details wanting, and the questions that arise, perplexing.

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